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  • Spraymate Hammertone Red

Spraymate Hammertone Red

Smooth Finish

Spraymate Hammertone spray paint is a fast drying lacquer, which gives a hammered effect on most surfaces

It is ideal for safes, machines, office furniture, garden tools, toolboxes and various other applications

One coat application

Rust preventative

Superior adhesion

Extremely versatile

Durable & Hard Wearing

Weather resistant

High coverage

Suitable Substrates:  Metal, Wood, Stone, Plastic, Glass

Handy Hints for Best Results

  • Always use the correct primer before applying Hammertone spray paint.  Please consult the primer guide for best results
  • Ensure that the surface is clean, sanded down and completely free of dirt, grease, oil or any other residue
  • For best results, apply only one generous coat and avoid recoating as this will cause the Hammertone effect to disappear
  • A test spray is recommended before spraying
  • Always spray in well-ventilated areas and use protective gear at all times
  • In extremely cold conditions, warm the can slightly to 40 degree Celsius


  • NEVER inhale or ingest
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • NEVER puncture or incinerate, even when empty
  • NEVER spray towards an open flame or heat source
  • NEVER expose can to more than 50 Degree Celsius
  • AVOID contact with eyes, face & skin at all times

Safety Warning

  • Spray paint can be extremely harmful and can even cause death if used incorrectly
  • If sprayed into eyes, inhaled or ingested, seek immediate medical attention

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Spraymate Hammertone Red

  • Brand: Spraymate
  • Product Code: HAM2594
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  • R130.00

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