Rubber Mounting Products

Our range of locally manufactured rubber products is a wide range. Should you have particular needs send us the specs and we’ll confirm availability.

In stock items include…

Rubber Plate Suckers

Used most generally in the large printing industry, rubber plate suckers are made in two variations.

The first model comes with a 6mm male thread fused into the back of the rubber.

It is 70mm across the flat of the face. It has a 15mm cone depth and overall length of 60mm.

The second model has a female 15mm diameter hole that is 22mm deep in the back for machine pins or plate handles.

It has a face diameter of 80mm and 20mm deep concave with an overall height of 38mm.

We ship these throughout South Africa.

Circular Machine Mounts

We keep a range of circular machine mounts in stock. There are three types, namely…

Type A

The type A has a male thread protruding from either side of the mount.

Type B

The type B has a male thread on one side and a female thread on the other.

Type C
The type C machine mount has female threads on either side of the mount.

These are the sizes, that are readily available, however special requests can be accommodated.

We also stock insurtion rubber sheeting and other rubber products. For more info contact us below.