Townsend Factory Supplies.

We are dedicated to the South African manufacturing sector and deeply rooted in supplying quality industrial supplies to both Blue Chip and SME’s.

By negotiating quality product distribution, Townsend Factory Supplies aspires to be an asset to both production, and maintenance sectors.

About Townsend


In August 2019 Team Townsend moved to bigger premises. Situated in Andesiet Road, Amalgam the company now offers a wider range of products & services.

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Distribution Networks

Having negotiated top quality product distribution networks around the globe, Townsend is well positioned to be both a distributor to Industry and retailer of various service level items.

Amongst the brands we represent are Somta, Tapmatic, Den Braven, Fuchs Lubricants, Optimum Machines, & Pferd Abrasives.

Fuchs Lubricants, distributed by Townsend Factory Supplies
Fuchs Lubricants, distributed by Townsend Factory Supplies.
Den Braven Silicons and Sealants, include PU foam, Chemical Anchors, Adhesives and Acrylic Sealer
Den Braven Silicons and Sealants.
Somta Drills, Taps & Dies Available Ex Stock from our Amalgam Warehouse
Somta Drills, Taps & Dies Available Ex Stock from our Amalgam Warehouse

Product Range

Whilst the Townsend product range is extensive, the company continues to strive to meet the ever widening gap between value and quality.

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Latest Products

Fuchs Lubricants

  FUCHS is a global Group with German roots that has developed, produced and sold lubricants and related specialties for more than 85 years – for virtually all areas of application and sectors. With 58 companies and more than 5,000 employees worldwide, the FUCHS Group is the leading independent supplier of lubricants.   The FUCHS …

Optimum Machines

Optimum Machines are a German engineered range of metal workshop machines. They offer quality alongside afordable value. On the range we offer CNC, Lathes, Drill presses, and bending machines. For more information contact us now to arange a new, fresh approach to your fitting and turning or fabrication needs.

Gasketing / Flexoid

Townsend have been supplying gasket materials to industry for over 30 years. The company stocks various thicknesses of Vellumoid / Flexoid sheeting which we sell by the running meter. Popular sizes include… 0.25mm 0.4mm 0.8mm 1.5mm 3.0mm The product has a maximum operating temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and a maximum pressure rating of 8 …